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It comes in separate pieces and helpful instructions of where to place the three screws in to the cork board to get your year off to a simple start.

It comes with three coloured push pins to let you stick important reminders to the board, and refill pages are available each year.

Joan Hill has a blog Roots'n'Leaves through which she shares memories, family history, and of course old photographs, many of which form part of her regular contributions to Sepia Saturday.

Joan recently sent me some images of an old photographic portrait, framed and mounted behind glass.

The moulding appears to have worn or broken off on the two lower corners, revealing the plain wooden base underneath, again not unusual for a frame of that age and quality.

Joan was able to remove the picture from the frame, but at 16" x 20" (400 x 500mm) it was too large to fit on her scanner so she photographed it.

In some cases the customer might even have requested, for example, a special colouring of the portrait, whatever the quality of the black & white or sepia version.

These effects were achieved using pencil, charcoal, pastels, water colours or oil paints, and I've discussed a number of examples of retouched or otherwise modified portraits previously on Photo-Sleuth: Sometimes the retouching was so extensive that little was left of the original photograph.

I believe it was originally a photographic portrait, almost certainly with a camera which used glass plate negatives (probably 4" x 6"), but then enlarged roughly by a factor of four to produce the print which you now have in your possession.

Originally a geologist by training, I now work as a museum professional.

My passion is old photographs, the photographers who took them, the equipment and technologies they used, the people and scenes in the photos, and the stories behind them.

The calendar has a handy tab for each month, making it easier to flick through the pages when you need to add in important events in the upcoming months.

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