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(0517, wellness, stress, depression) Increasing Positive Feelings — This worksheet is designed to evoke positive feelings and simultaneously demonstrate that you can “change the channel” on your emotions.PDF (0216, depression, CBT, positive psychology) Creating Your Future — This worksheet is designed to help individuals think about their future and see that they have the power to create the kind of lives they want.

It also includes a chart to help a person develop the habit of spending time each day practicing relaxation. (0215) Five-Finger Relaxation Audio — This six minute audio file guides listeners towards a state of relaxation and well-being by having them imagine four scenes from their past using visual, audio, and kinesthetic images. David Cheek and recorded by Dartmouth College Health Services. Right click to open and play the file, then left click on the black screen if you wish to download the file.

It gives specific instructions on helpful activities to maximize the benefits of this practice.

(depression, anxiety, prevention, 0717) Increasing Flow Experiences — Flow is a psychological experience where even difficult tasks and activities become easy.

PDF (quick, 1015, values clarification) Mindful Coloring — Mindful coloring is a simple way to teach the benefits of mindful meditation.

This coloring book includes an introduction about the basic premise of mindfulness and 11 coloring pages. Understanding Your Signature Strengths — This rating scale asks people to identify and rate how often they use their signature strengths as a way to increase their happiness.

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