Dating king saxophones

Though the model run was from the early 30's to the late fifties, the models with the "Big B" engraving are considered to be the best of the bunch.At the end of WWII Buescher commemorated it with the production of the 400 line.Zephyr Specials and early Super 20's have elaborate engraving on the bell and keys, and pearls riveted to the key touches. Later models would use the standard top octave key.The most popular and the most sought-after are the Silver Sonic models, with sterling silver neck and bell.

In the 1980's, King tried to market a Super 21 model, and several prototypes were made, but the market wasn't there so it was discontinued.

They have a full, rich tone that lends itself to classical and orchestral music.

However, I found that it can play a blues with just as much authority.

The bell flare was also larger than any other saxophone, the prototype to many modern saxophones today.

It also sported an underslung octave key similar to the King Super 20.

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