Dating jennifer winget

The story is loosely based on the bollywood blockbuster, The Indian soap opera went on air on 22nd April, 2013 and has still been running successfully.

The onscreen chemistry between Simran and Rajveer is highly loved by the viewers of the show. Hobbies: taking care of her pets, adopting dogs as she is very fond of dogs.

Sukirti Kandpal Filmography: The beauty acted in the movie is her first and last movie till date. She also loves shopping, reading books & watching movies.

Currently, there is no news about Sukirti working on any other film. Her daily routine in short: wakes up at 7 am, has her tea, leaves for shoots, have her lunch made by her mom on break time, works till pm, have snacks at about 7pm and then returns home and goes to bed.

In this daily TV drama, she portrayed the character of a woman who is extremely fond of wealth and jewelry and is least bothered about her husband.

She plays Shekhar’s first wife and is also known as on Star One.

Sukirti was also rumored to be going around with her one time co – star Manoj Raisinghani, whom she barely knew!

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In fact he can’t stand the fact to even imagine her with some other person other than him.Sukirti Kandpal Slam Book: The charming actress managed to spend a few minutes to share her taste of Nainital apart from served steaming hot with chilli paste. On her days off, she wakes up at am, roams all over her house, plays with her pets, goes out with friends and ends her day dining out or watching a movie in a mall! Favourite designer: Satya Paul & Raghavendra Rathore.Incomplete without: mom made food & her cell phone! Ultimately, Sukirti came to the limelight and then she herself declared her relationship with a guy named Rishabh Jain, who did not belong to the television industry.The two met at a friend’s birthday bash and then became good buddies, before getting into a serious relationship, Sukriti laughs out loud!

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