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The city was named after the White Horse Rapids for their resemblance to the mane of a white horse, near Miles Canyon, before the river was dammed.

The surrounding area had seasonal fish camps and Frederick Schwatka, in 1883, observed the presence of a portage trail used to bypass Miles Canyon.

During the cold glacial times, icons like the woolly mammoth, steppe bison and scimitar cat roamed the treeless plains alongside caribou, muskox and grizzly bears.

In still older times, where temperatures were similar to today, giant beavers, mastodons and camels browsed the interglacial forests.

I told them about the Queen's coach and they were pleased to hear that.'Kate sported a £707 cardigan coat by home-grown label Sentaler and earrings by jeweller Shelley Macdonald.

The duchess changed into the low-key ensemble just two hours after she first emerged in a red designer coat.

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