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Log Cabin antique quilts are one of the most popular patterns in America.Their many variations are created by altering the arrangement of the light and dark fabrics.At first the women blamed poor cell phone reception on the lack of contact from their family, but once they arrived home in Minnesota they realized both men's phones were dead and that they were missing.It snowed every day for a week after the father and son were last heard from, covering their tracks and leading search teams to conclude that there was no way they could have survived the freezing temperatures.This makes for a nice summer quilt or a quilt used over a comforter in cooler weather.The binding is an early wonderful Turkey red calico.Because of the huge array of fabrics, this quilt is a delightful piece for a 19th century fabric junkie. This silk velvet log cabin has a specific way to hang because the top of the quilt is without a border.I’m assuming they wanted that to be at the head of the bed.

The strips are then turned under and stitched together to form the quilt.

Completely pieced by hand, these diminutive pieces create an exquisite outcome.

Created over 150 years ago, it is ironic that these are all today’s colors. This extraordinary textile will make a perfect focal point for your living room or great room. The quilt has a 3/8 inch machine applied orange binding.

The logs average 1/2” in width, some less and some more - giving the quilt a folky character.

The center square is 1-1/4” and is comprised of a few various turkey red calicos.

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