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Healthy Bod: Sitting around drinking beer all day does not increase life expectancy. Considering noble causes and giving back to the community here?So I’m sharing what I’ve learned about being fit down here, staying well in the tropics, and getting better when you do get sick. All these Secrets of the South can be yours, simply by reading this blog. Panama (“Whhoooo,” said the Catepillar to Alice, “arrr yooou? Every one loves to be called “brave.” I didn’t really see myself that way at the time, so it felt like free praise, but I realize now they were probably right. I like to wearsoy responsable, honesta, leal, humanitaria, sencilla, comprensiva, me gusta tener el control de las cosas, de carácter firme pero jovial y alegre, extrovertida, solidaria. I enjoy a multitude of things and am inquistive and love learning about different cultures. I am passionate about life, light hearted and love to laugh. I like spend time with family for a A technology Professional (Ph D and MBA), Indo-Canadian, Canadian Citizen, Single now, Fluently bilingual in Both English and French, easy going with sense of humour with openness, love friendship and NSA Fun. I like to travel and soak up the I like to be in shape, healthy fisical and mentally. I like friends, for a little moments, not all the time, I am a short visitor.Unless it was built by gringos or for gringos (and priced accordingly) you don’t often find a house with hot water in the bathroom or kitchen.After you do take a hot shower down here and step out of it just as – or even more – overheated than when you went in (it’s REALLY HOT here in Las Tablas), you begin to truly appreciate the benefits of a cool shower and realize you might not need hot water that badly.

But more frequently than quite often there is a solid reason for the way the locals do the things they do or don’t do. I used to love planting stuff against my house to soften the line of the foundation and make a bit of a frame for the house.And that’s important to me these days, because my sole visible means of support lies in the egg the Eagle lays for me each month.So, since “Pretty is as Pretty does,” after six months I moved on, to Panamà.I’ve spent a lot of time in cities over the years and knew that I didn’t want to live in another one, so Panamà City was not an option.I read about the Azuero Peninsula, the true heart of Panamà according to some, where “the old Panamà” still lingers in traditions and local lore and practice. Official JK Mikals Bio Found in My Books: (Note that I have been keeping said books under wraps for a while – but you can check them out here.) Born an apparent citizen of nowhere through a legal fluke, JK Mikals (aka Jacqui) has spent way too much time considering the concepts of identity, place and time.

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