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I'm 100% homosexual biological male, and have no interest in a FTM person, such as Buck Angel.

It doesn't make me insecure, I'm just not interested in vaginas.

straight men won't date trans women because they are men.

it's like their validation comes from everyone knowing and accepting who they are, so they try to target anyone who doesn't believe the same as them and make straight men feel bad about themselves for not being attracted to them. People can date whomever they can find willing to date them.

There are straight men who are interested in trans women, but maybe are still insecure about dating one. I don't think she was making a blanket statement that all straight men, including those who aren't sexually interested in trans women are inherently insecure.

If a straight guy doesn't like to see a dick on an otherwise women, that's his preference - it has nothing to do with being insecure.

I posted this in another thread but it's worth a repost:[quote]Here's an article from October 2017 Psychological Perspectives, a "Journal of Jungian Thoughts" on how the transgender movement is social contagion.

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But many trans women I know are far too often reduced to being sexual objects or fetishes by men who treat us as if we don't deserve to be loved in the light, out in public and integrated into their lives as worthy partners.

the media, the entertainment industry, some parts of the government (like the Obama administration), gay organizations, feminist organizations, Planned Parenthood, etc., have been telling us that females have penises and males have vaginas, while at the same time telling us that biological sex doesn't exist, when that is patently not true.

The whole Transgender movement is based on collective madness and finally psychologists are starting to call it out.

Currently, we appear to be experiencing a significant psychic epidemic that is manifesting as children and young people coming to believe that they are the opposite sex, and in some cases taking drastic measures to change their bodies.

Of particular concern to the author is the number of teens and tweens suddenly coming out as transgender without a prior history of discomfort with their sex.“Rapid-onset gender dysphoria” is a new presentation of a condition that has not been well studied.

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