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Seniors who may bot be as active are still able to remain social with friends."What distinguishes Paw Paw Mail from other programs is that it is a managed system aimed at caregivers as well as seniors.

'Paw Paw Mail is built entirely around the idea of two users,' Mr. 'The senior user who actually uses the e-mail account, and the caretaker/manager who helps set the senior up, gets his or her address book going, and screens mail from unknown sources to prevent contact from all the ridiculous number of scams that are directed at seniors.' " "Paw Paw Mail" provides a simple interface that relies less on traditional folders and long email addresses and more on visuals such as photographs of the addressee and large easy to view icons.

The system is useful for seniors who may have limited vision.

One simple to use feature of the program is how photographs are supported by the system.

The key is to keep the brain active and stimulated.

Give those nerve cells and brain cells a chance to grow. What Games and Crafts do Mom and Dad like to do to make their day go by?

"Paw Paw Mail" costs approximately per month and seniors can log onto their email directly from the Paw Paw Mail website. The "Paw Paw Mail" website also offers a virtual tour of the program. and Dating Bootcamp for Seniors Program - Senior dating profiles and senior dating advice from AARP.

Seniors can discuss dating challenges, gain access to senior dating resources such as expert dating advice, editorial postings and an online community. Cyber Seniors Program -is an intergenerational socialization and learning program that recruits students to volunteer at nursing homes and teach seniors how to use the internet.

We just focus more attention on such forgetfulness when it comes to the elderly.

Playing games is a great way to keep the brain and body stimulated.

This doesn't mean that games or activities for the elderly have to be expensive or difficult.

Instead of a photograph being received as an attachment to be opened, seniors can have photos go directly into the photographs icon.

"Paw Paw Mail" allows seniors to connect with adult children, grandchildren, other family members and friends.

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