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I was stronger than her so there weren't any problems there and the heightened sex drive was a huge plus.She was far above average in bed and that's really the only difference from other women that aren't muscular.r/Ask Men is the premier place to ask random strangers for terrible dating advice, but preferably from the male perspective.Am the only guy attracted to this type exclusively? I think I am pretty serious into fitness/healthy living and even I rarely find or see women who are bodybuilders.

I have allways been atracted to strong women, but I keep getting told to give up hoping a muscular woman would never date me because I'm not a weight lifter myself. I think everyone, male and female, wants to find in others what they find in themselves. Like attracts like-they will probably appreciate someone who shares fitness as an interest, but it doesn't mean they are looking for another body builder. if your fetish is really muscular women, it's a pretty rare thing.Am the only guy attracted to this type exclusively? I have not seen a "bodybuilding" woman at any crossfit gym. The OP says he is into bodybuilding so he would know that there is a huge difference between a woman who is into bodybuilding and one who is say a crossfit chick. As a guy who competes in weightlifting, bb, and other physical sports I would love to meet someone who understands the lifestyle. Gyms here are guys , wives and kids - and I don't like using the gym to pick up.I tried fitness singles - great site, but very few profiles in the south. You'd think that by the OP competing in bodybuilding and such he would have met some women who are also into that.

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