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While you're reading this one, it probably would be a royal idea to go reread the other books in the series for the first time in a decade!

by Jennifer Saunders: Sometimes when I go through a difficult situation, I ask myself, "what would Jennifer Saunders do?

by Andrew Morton: Prince William's mother was a lady for the ages.Thus such lofty cultural expressions as Sex Kittens Go to College (1960) and a raft of naughty pictorials in men’s magazines.As in Pink Think, Lynn Peril combines women’s history and popular culture—peppered with delightful examples of femoribilia from the turn of the twentieth century through the 1970s—in an intelligent and witty study of the college girl, the first woman to take that socially controversial step toward educational equity.Reading Gloria's candid take on events you have probably read about in your textbooks, can give you the power to understand our history in a relatable fashion!by Judy Blume: I saved this book for my grand finale because it left a huge impact on my 15-year-old self.

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