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Sheep graze in the sunshine; potatoes and barley are grown here and trucked north to Denver.Three new marijuana dispensaries in the tiny town of Antonito lure New Mexicans across the nearby state line.Joe, a competitive runner, open-­water swimmer, and obstacle-course racer, and Collin, a member of the varsity cross-­country team at Division I Tennessee Tech, had been running together often during their trip.Neither was totally acclimatized to the altitude—the ranch sits just below 9,000 feet. He suffered from asthma as a three-year-old but had kicked it by age 12.Cases like 51-year-old Dale Stehling, who, in 2013, vanished from a short petroglyph-viewing trail near the gift shop at Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park.Morgan Heimer, a 22-year-old rafting guide, who was wearing a professional-grade personal flotation device when he disappeared in 2015 in Grand Canyon National Park during a hike after setting up camp.A psychic reached out on Facebook to report a vision that Joe was west of Sedona, Arizona.There was even a theory that he’d been kidnapped in order to have his organs harvested and sold on the black market. No.” Joe Keller had just joined the foggy stratum of the hundreds or maybe thousands of people who’ve gone missing on our federal public lands. The National Institute of Justice, the research arm of the Department of Justice, calls unidentified remains and missing persons “the nation’s silent mass disaster,” estimating that on any given day there are between 80,000 and 90,000 people ac­tively listed with law enforcement as missing.

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“You could have a band of terrorists tie him to a tree and interrogate him. What I wanted to know was how many people are missing in our wild places, the roughly 640 million acres of federal lands—including national parks, national forests, and Bureau of Land Management prop­erty.The GPS track on Collin’s watch shows him turning right off Forest Road 250 onto the ranch drive and snaking up behind the lodge, trying to check out three geologic outcroppings—Faith, Hope, and Charity—that loom over the ranch.But the run became a scramble, so he cut back down toward the road and headed upriver. When Joe didn’t show up to get ready for dinner, Collin and Christian drove up the road, honking and waiting for Joe to come limping toward the road like a lost steer.Conejos—Spanish for “rabbits”—is one of the poorest counties in Colorado. While its eastern plains stretch across the agricultural San Luis Valley, its western third rises into the 1.8-million-acre Rio Grande National Forest, which sprawls over parts of nine counties.Go missing out here and your fate relies, in no small part, on which of those nine counties you were in when you disappeared.

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