Dating antique drinking glasses

Their relative weight and thickness, and the peculiar gleam of the glass itself are innate characteristics of these beautiful vessels.Collectors particularly value them for their great variety of shapes and decorations.The glass making industry rapidly developed and by the 1800s there were dozens of such glasshouses in existence.

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Although some are extremely rare and therefore expensive, there are plenty of people who sell Georgian drinking glasses and many beautiful and interesting examples can still be found for quite reasonable prices.

By comparison to the normal soda glass, it was exceptionally clear.

It was also far less brittle, enabling it to survive engraved decoration without cracking.

Many wine glasses appear very small by today's standards, but the protocol for drinking wine was very different in the 18th century.

You may also care to look at our modern wine glasses which are well shaped for modern drinking - and will withstand 5,000 cycles in a dishwasher!

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