Dating a single mother

it might be frustrating for you if you want to spend time with your new love and they simply can’t get away.

Try not to take it personally – they probably would want to spend more time with you if they could.

It’s also important that you both have an understanding that the child cannot be a factor in whether the relationship works.

Meaning, if the two of you are struggling as a couple and are not meant to be, you need to end the relationship as you would any other.

Try not to adopt a certain role, or lavish children with gifts to win their affection, they will see through you.

You are setting yourself up for a fall later on if you pretend to be something you are not.

They will naturally be reticent about introducing someone new into their children’s lives too soon – they will usually want to be sure of the relationship themselves first.

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Being in a relationship with a single mother means that you’re in a relationship with both her and her kids, and for many men this can feel a little difficult.

It requires you to be able to deal with lots of different feelings, be patient and understanding when the kids come first and also to be clear about what it is you want from a relationship.

It is not the right kind of relationship for everyone and even though you may get on great with your date you need to be honest if you are struggling with the whole package.

This is important in any relationship, but especially important when there is a child involved.

You need to discuss what she’s looking for, what you’re looking for, and what you both want to do for the child.

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