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Here are the top five reasons why you shouldn’t date a climber guy or a climber girl.It’s up on the website of the “Daily Camera” which is apparently a Boulder newspaper.However, this article relies on all sorts of sexist crap for it’s “humor.” Holy assumptions, male gaze, and treating women like trophies, Batman!Most of the reasons not to date a climber guy are, in fact, pretty legit reasons not to date someone: flaky, unemployed, anorexic, and selfish.From what I have witnessed, being a climber’s girlfriend is somewhat awful.Not only do you have a completely self-absorbed, egotistical boyfriend who will always choose climbing before you, but when you break up, you stop climbing.Now, I cant really say if I would fight with a non-climbing boyfriend like I do with my climbing boys. One of the most ridiculous fights I have ever gotten into was over bouldering at the Buttermilks or climbing trad at Little Egypt. If he would have told me he wanted to go bouldering before I set my hopes on sending Espresso Crack, the whole fight could have been avoided.

How to make a climbing partner into a lasting boyfriend? You dont want him/her making high expectations, after all we’re all dirty and smelly climbers when it boils down to it. I used to pride myself in thinking that I could maintain friendship with my exes, but that is bullshit.

Intensity on the rock often translates to intensity in the bed (or van). And its essential to know when you must make this decision.

Intensity on the rock can translate to intensity in fights.

You get stuck in couple-dom, where you spend ALL THE TIME TOGETHER. All your favorite things to do are also his favorite things to do. Normally, I can tell from these day trips whether or not I am attracted to the person. This is a very important step that shouldn’t be missed.

This can be great for a couple, but it can also lead to super intense relationships that burn out. Long days spent together and penny pinching often leaves no room for going on dates. You will get rid of so much pressure that could later come up in the relationship by simply doing this before things got intimate.

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