Dating a remington 1100 shotgun

Glad for you, but I would encourage you to double check and make sure it is the Light or Target Contour barrel.

When I asked Cabela's and Bass Pro (Brownell's knew what they had) for the Remington part number back when I was looking for one, it turned out it was the standard contour barrel they had, so I had to go straight to Remington, and i had to wait a bit.

If you say it's a 26" Modified barrel, I believe you.

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I called Remington today and asked for birthdays of all of my Remington Arms.

The shotguns are an 870 that I inherited from my granddad and restored to factory new condition and a premeir 1187(bought first year they came out) but have never owned an 1100. My mother has shot an 1100 since the mid 60's when they first came out(bought for 45 buck from a used car dealer) and I have shot it in the past but I have always wanted my own. Modified barrel 26" long over all the gun is in 95% condition, bluing perfect and original end to end. Also any sources for a factory rem choked barrel at a reasonable price? I just didn't remember them back in the sixties that short.

The gun shows no wear at the muzzle from having been fired allot(no blueing missing or faded) not a mark on the original wood. The serial number 52####v indicates, if i have read right, that the gun was made in 1979 based on the 'v' in the serial number. If you can fit recoil pads well, you are one up on me.

Ten minutes of your time or 85 bucks of a gunsmith's time.

The jig cost 42 bucks and with the number of guns in my collection it pays for itself with 3 rifles.

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