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Have ever had a salesman ask you whether you like the product they are trying to sell you? Then they have you, because their next line is that if you like it you should buy it, and if you don't then your thoughts could be in conflict or dissonant.A similar technique is employed by the dating site scammer.The foot in the door tactic predicts that we may be more likely to comply to the request for the larger amount of money only after we have agreed to sending the smaller amount first.A further psychological technique employed by the scammer’s is explained by cognitive dissonance theory (Festinger & Carlsmith, 1959).The scammer will have worked on establishing a strong bond with the victim, who may begin to feel that they have fallen in love with the scammer believing them to be a genuine person.If they believe they love and care for their online romantic partner (really the scammer), then they should give or loan them money in times of emergency, and doing this prevents the victim experiencing dissonant thoughts.On these fake sites legitimate users are persuaded to pay fees to create accounts, as well as paying for each email or message they send and receive.Furthermore, the scammers create false profiles on these bogus sites and send romantic messages to their victims in order to extract further fees.

Once the victim has agreed to this request, the scammer will then ask for a larger amount.

This could evolve over time or just be apparent in one single message, possibly indicative that the scammers are working as a team.

Thirdly, the picture on the scammer’s profile may look just too good to be true, because the scammer has stolen the photo (and maybe even the identity) from somewhere else on the Internet, possibly even a site belonging to a model.

“She asked for money for air tickets and then some money to prove she had enough to live on while in UK.

She was then arrested at customs before boarding the plane with a priceless icon and so was jailed. I declined.” These are just two quotes given by victims from our recent survey on online dating scams.

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