Cute dating suprises

Surprise parties may sound cliched but the person you are throwing it for loves it anyway.

Plan a surprise party for your girlfriend for a special day, her birthday, your anniversary or maybe your first Christmas together.

Get a bunch of flowers and show up outside her apartment or outside her office just before she is about to come out.

Your guy friends may mock you for your extraordinary culinary skills but girls find boys who cook, very hot and sexy!

Bring those skills to use to surprise your girlfriend and she will totally love it.

Or you can also sign you two up for a karaoke night. By your place I don’t mean where you live but a place where the two of you met for the first time or maybe some other significant place which is special for you two as a couple.

Make your girl sit in the car, blindfold her, put on some romantic music and make light conversations while you drive to keep her engaged.

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