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Featuring some wonderfully engaging animation and design, makes up for its lack of originality by providing some of the most balanced and addictive gameplay you’ll find on the GBA.

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If you can track down a copy, you’ll find one of the best run-and-gun games available for the GBA; the isometric graphics are beautifully drawn, its cavernous sci-fi environments are packed full of gooey aliens to destroy, and its RPG elements add depth.with its colourful pre-rendered graphics and playful humour.You take control of Sabreman, a decidedly British hero with a bushy moustache and pith helmet, who must retrieve a series of treasures guarded by wolves.This left the game’s blonde heroine with only one title to her name, but at least it’s a good one, and well worth seeking one of the most enjoyable handheld games ever made, and perfect for whiling away long journeys on public transport – assuming you don’t mind the strange looks you’ll get as you nod your head to its infectious grooves.

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