Consolidating itunes libraries pc

Among the key features of these programs are that they will retain all of the metadata--star ratings, playcounts, comments, etc.--that are lost using other transfer methods.A few of the programs in this space include: If your entire i Tunes library is synced to your i Pod or i Phone, you can move it from your device to the new merged i Tunes library using third-party software.For ones that don't, you can redownload them onto the merged library for free.More » If your i Tunes library comes primarily from the i Tunes Store, try this option.Due to the large size of most i Tunes libraries, consolidating them isn't as simple as burning a CD and loading it on the new computer.

This also means that i Tunes will locate all music on your computer and add it automatically, making the i Tunes consolidation process much faster than manually adding music.The fine specifics of how to consolidate your i Tunes library may vary slightly depending on which operating system and version of i Tunes you’re running, but variances from the directions given below should be slight.Not every household needs more than one computer running i Tunes.There are dozens of these i Pod copying programs--some are free, most cost US ---and all do essentially the same thing: copying all the music, movies, playlists, star ratings, play counts, etc.on your i Pod, i Phone, or i Pad to a new i Tunes library.

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