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Portland State University’s Institute on Aging studied over 650 adults over a two-year period and found that ‘stable negative social exchanges’ (in other words, repetitive or prolonged conflict) was significantly associated with lower self-rated health, greater functional limitations, and a higher number of health conditions.

This may be due to the impact that stress has on immunity (stress can dampen your immune system), as well as other factors.

The important thing to remember is that ongoing conflict really can take a toll on your health.

If you experience conflict among members of your family, it may comfort you to know that you’re not alone; family conflict may be more common than you think.

Harburg, E.; Kaciroti, N.; Gleiberman, L.; Schork, M. Marital Pair Anger Coping Types May Act as an Entity to Affect Mortality: Preliminary Findings from a Prospective Study. In real life, conflict is inevitable, and resolving it effectively can often be a pathway to greater understanding between two people, bringing them closer.Relationships in which anger is suppressed and unacknowledged by one or both partners can actually be unhealthy — literally.Learn more about verbal abuse and how to draw the line between it and normal disagreements.Remember, one sign of an abusive relationship is a partner who tries to control or manipulate you.

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