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Security testing is most essential aspect of software testing.

The developed software that is not able to protect the sensitive data inside it, and is not able to sustain the data as per the requirement is of no use.

A list of practitioners who have been suspended can be viewed here.

Practitioners can be removed from the Register for a variety of reasons.

Removal may also be the result of fitness, competence, or conduct processes.The energy trading system adopts a non-cooperative Stackelberg game between a community energy storage (CES) device and users with rooftop photovoltaic panels where the CES operator is the leader and the users are the followers.Participating users determine their optimal energy trading starting time to minimize their personal daily energy costs while subjectively viewing their opponents' actions.Simulation results confirm that the benefits of the energy trading system are robust to decisions of participating-time that significantly deviate from complete rationality.Agile Coaching Circles is intended to provide support for the role of the Agile Coach and the competencies (i.e.

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