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The news accounts of the lawsuit has generated considerable press, with most readers calling the injured cruise ship guest "stupid" and his lawsuit "frivolous." But there is no question that a pool deck can create second degree burns to a passenger on a hot summer day; the cruise lines are aware of this danger and can avoid injury to their guests with an effective warning.

There have been a number of lawsuits filed against the Miami based cruise lines for burns due to hot decks. Carnival Cruise Line involved an injury to a child, back in 1998, who suffered second degree burns on the soles of his feet when he stepped onto the hot surface of the deck of the Carnival .

In 2016, a Norwegian Cruise Line passenger sustained second-degree burns on the bottom of his feet.

I heard that it also involved a guest with a pre-existing peripheral neuropathy involving his feet due to diabetes.The case ended with a jury returning a defense verdict against the passenger.Carnival is not the only cruise line sued for super-hot pool decks.Here's a look at 10 of the most memorable moments from NHL postseasons past. And from the time Canada's first brewery opened in the 1600s, the history of our beer industry has been an intoxicating one.Mergers and acquisitions, questions over suitable advertising, debates about the shape of our bottles, and the emergence of microbreweries -- these are just a few fascinating topics in Canadian brewing history.

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