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Note that Faure's estimate of terrestrial biomass today is 2300Gt C.The relationship between ocean temperature and CO2 in the atmosphere is shown here, as graphed by Prof Lance Endersbee (, showing a near-linear relationship with little deviation from it (R=0.996, a measure of match).

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As one can see, the human contribution is about 8Pg carbon per year (8Gt, billions of tons) against a global respiration rate of about 100-250Pg/y (fossil fuel alone: 2%, some say 3%).Note that Endersbee's figure is a blessing in disguise, because it is impossible to calculate or estimate CO2 outgassing from the solubility in water.For instance: For instance, assuming a rate of 3%/ºC degassing at global average temperature (see part1), and an amount of 38,000Gt (C) dissolved CO2, the amount outgassed for the whole ocean would be 1,140Gt/ºC (Carbon) or 635ppmv/ºC for the whole ocean.When there is an archaeological find, earth has to be carefully removed to expose buried artefacts or building structures.Excluding nearby volcanic disasters, what causes a site to fill up with rubble and debris over time? • Your correspondent will find Charles Darwin’s book about earthworms, On the Formation of […] In the search for extraterrestrial life, we look for planets at a similar distance from their sun as Earth is from ours: the so-called Goldilocks zone.

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