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There is so much more to leadership than identifying individual traits and characteristics, learning how one can exercise power, or building participative management teams.

These kinds of approaches, though popular, fall far short because they do not tap into the ultimate depth and reality of interdependence.

So I ask you again – should you really be surprised that the quality of products and services decline when people are undervalued and treated like machines?

Leading by policy making is the lowest form of human behavior.

Thankfully, these mechanistic approaches to leadership have been shown to be outdated and ineffective.

Nevertheless, the scientific approach to management continues to be the driving force behind many leadership strategies promoted by today’s leadership gurus.

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By the time the 1970 baseball season rolled around, I was 16-years old and a brand new resident of suburban Philadelphia, the so-called Delaware Valley.

1970 was the last year for Connie Mack Stadium in north Philadelphia.

Wise threw a no-hitter on a night when he hit two home runs.

Other Phillies' "stars" of that year were rookie SS Larry Bowa, who was 22-years old and weighed about 140 lb, 3B Don Money, who offered more potential than performance, and retread 1B Deron Johnson, who was probably the best player on the team.

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