Browning a 5 picture dating

A cross-bolt safety is positioned at the front of the trigger guard.

The one piece receiver has an opening at the bottom for the ejection of spent cases, with FN’s brochures claiming; “complete protection of the user from hot powder gases or defective cartridges are assured”.

Dating pre ’56 rifles can be difficult, in as much as matching numbers to dates.

Browning’s own website simply states that “no serial numbers are available.

The firing mechanism can be removed from the receiver with no need for tools.

In recent years, barrels have been available with a ‘cantilever’ scope sight mount that extends back over the receiver, thus ensuring that the alignment of the barrel and scope remain constant.

These were produced by FN, at the Herstal factory in Belgium until 1974.

Anyone who has read about John Moses Browning will, no doubt, have come across those two iconic photographs of “le maitre”.

In each, he is holding examples of his genius, the unmistakeable FN Browning Auto-5 (the ‘humpback’) and the FN Browning .22” calibre Automatic Rifle.

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