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Current members include other overseas born Chinese, overseas educated Chinese, local HK people and some non-Chinese. if I can help and/or happen to know people in that industry- Job vacancy information, people looking for suitable candidates- Miscellaneous requests e.g.

New people are recommended to find me first so I can introduce them around. Chris HK BBC & Friends Organiser A group of British Born Chinese and their friends coming together for some fun, social drinks, chat and the occasional activity.- To meet and make friends- To meet others of a similar background/interest- To have fun All are welcome whether you are other Overseas Born Chinese, overseas educated Chinese, local Hong Kong people or even non-Chinese. looking for fellow netball players Please note the BBC group has been running for over 10 years.

We're also on Facebook and have a separate mailing list so the attendance you see on this page is only a fraction of the people that will be there.

Living as I do in a city as vibrant and bizarre as Beijing has its good points – and its bad.

Even as a teen, instead of practising my snogging technique on a poster of Nick from the Backstreet Boys, I would be daydreaming of Lister (Craig Charles) from Red Dwarf.

By my late teens, when my friends were chasing football players, I had developed a thing for men with long hair.

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Petite and eager to please, these girls are so cute I don’t blame the guys for being attracted to them.

To me, though, these obstacles seemed like things that would make a relationship more interesting.

But then I always have had an unusual taste in men.

Though the profiles are open to the public, contacting a member is only possible for those who have registered with Dating China.

Contact a member Contacting a member is done by clicking a "Respond" button at the bottom of each member's profile. A password, which you choose when completing the registration form, is required.

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