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Brandon Teena, a young transgender Midwesterner, was attacked and murdered in 1993.

His story is the subject of the film 'Boys Don't Cry' and has brought wide attention to hate crimes against the trans community.

In addition, both Teena and his sister were sexually molested by a male relative during childhood.

Despite these difficulties, Teena was a full of life tomboy who enjoyed sports, including basketball, football and weightlifting, and kept a boyish appearance with short hair.

Lotter, who had previously dated Tisdel, was especially angered by the fact that Teena was biologically female.

Lotter and Nissen forced Teena into a car, drove him to a remote area in Humboldt, physically restrained him and raped him.

Unfortunately, the victimization report turned into an interrogation when Sheriff Charles Laux blamed Teena for his assault and made inappropriate comments about his identity.

(Teena’s mother later filed a lawsuit against Richardson County and Laux for their negligent treatment and was awarded nearly 0,000 in 2001.) Laux subsequently interviewed Nissen and Lotter about the assault but did not arrest them.

He also began dating 19-year-old Lana Tisdel, but money was still an issue and Teena began forging checks again. When Tisdel showed up to pay his bail, much to her surprise, she found Brandon housed in the female section of the jail.

In 1993, faced with multiple warrants for theft and forgery, Teena left his hometown and headed to a place where nobody knew that he was biologically female.

Just before his 21st birthday, Teena arrived in Humboldt, Nebraska, where he sought a fresh start in a community where he could solely identify as a man.

But Beels was reportedly abusive, and Teena quickly landed back at his mom’s house.

By his senior year, Teena was self-identifying as a man and dating girls, sometimes introducing himself as Billy Brinson and later as Brandon.

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