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Spotted ground squirrel is "occasional" in the White Sands National Monument *28*.This species is cited in northwestern Texas and so straddles the Texas/New Mexico border *29*. spilosoma from Catron County, is from the eastern edge of the Plains of San Agustin (Findley et al., 1975) and Bailey (1932) does not include the Negrito Creek watershed and vicinity within the distribution of this species.

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Spotted ground squirrels from the eastern tier of counties are relatively unspotted and are progressively richer red as one proceeds southward *11*.

Mapped Distribution: extensively mapped in the foothills of most of the mountain ranges of the state except the far southwest corner.

They also occur on high plateaus and mesas, and extend out into the Plains on the eastern side of the state.

Eight genera formerly subsumed in Spermophilus are recognized, each of which is morphologically diagnosable, craniometrically distinctive, and recovered as a monophyletic clade in phylogenetic analyses utilizing the mitochondrial gene cytochrome b.

TYPE LOCALITY Spermophilus spilosoma major Merriam, 1890. Recent molecular phylogenetic studies suggest that multiple generic-level lineages should be credited within Spermophilus.

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