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The seven Netflix shows in the sample contained more tobacco incidents (319) than the seven broadcast and cable television shows (139) studied.Of the cable shows that won best series Emmy Awards in 2017, both have featured smoking plot points.A report by Truth Initiative® “While You Were Streaming: Tobacco Use Sees a Renormalization in On-Demand Digital Content, Diluting Progress in Broadcast & Theaters,” reveals that 79 percent of the shows most popular with young people aged 15-24 depict smoking prominently.

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Researchers working with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) this year performed a content analysis of online postings and articles in an attempt to estimate the number of 2015-2016 top-ranking broadcast, cable and streaming shows that may include tobacco use.The findings present an opportunity for streaming content providers to heed the lessons learned from the motion picture industry.Well-documented movie research shows that youth and young adults with high exposure to tobacco imagery are twice as likely to begin smoking as those with less.They are depicted as occasional smokers in the service of showing their control over addiction.“What the research shows is that some of the most popular shows that young people are watching and modeling their behavior on, depict smoking at alarming rates,” Koval says. S., nearly nine out of 10 adult smokers start smoking by age 18.

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