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(In reality, a master server is very similar to a slave server, except for a few settings in how the zones are defined.) The Adonis comes with a detailed manual which explains its features and use.

The latest version may be obtained from Blue Cat's website:

A full treatment of DNS is far beyond the scope of this document.

This document assumes that you are familiar with the basics of DNS, including: If you need to brush up on your basics, please consult the "bible" of DNS: DNS and BIND by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu (published by O'Reilly).

If you're configuring your master server by hand, you can generate a new key on the command line by executing the following: A slave configuration looks very similar to a master configuration.

Most of the options, views, and other settings are exactly the same.

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Instead, we shall describe how we update our appliance at Suffield. Thus, all the configuration data for DNS are accessible, just as they would be under a hand-configured nameserver.

For extra security, you may wish to enable DNSSEC keys so that you can digitally sign your zone transfers.

This prevents malicious users from stealing all your zone data, and also prevents certain types of poisoning attacks against your server.

DNSSEC also signs zones, and prevent people from "impersonating" them.

Many modern network services require a properly functioning DNS setup in order to work correctly.

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