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The 24 brick buildings make up what’s been called the most dangerous projects in New York.

They aren’t named after the color, but for housing reformer Louis H. After waiting several minutes for the often broken elevator, they headed to the stairs.

In the next 30 seconds, he radioed in twice more, urging the emergency response team to hurry up. He tried to take Gurley’s pulse, but he couldn’t find one. As Peter Liang goes on trial for manslaughter this month, Gurley’s name is making headlines again.

Suddenly, Butler screamed, “He’s not breathing.” Neither officer performed CPR, though both were trained.On the fourth floor they found Officers Liang and Landau.Liang said, “I shot him accidentally,” then pointed to the fifth-floor landing.Liang’s attorney Brown confirmed that his client did not provide medical care: “That’s absolutely true,” he said, adding, “My client was on the floor crying.”Butler tried to do CPR, but she had no training and had never done it before.Instructions filtered from the 911 operator to the neighbor, then to Butler.

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