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Spook is starting to play more with air systems, looks promising.Shop Rating: Excellent Recommended Report Date: Write a Review for this shop Johnson Foreign Car 1215 Putman Dr Nw Huntsville, Alabama 35816 Phone: 256.830.0620 Work On: Eurovan , VW........ Morgan Ruther writes: Had a timing belt installed, and they used Amsoil for the oil change in lieu od the VW standard - said it met VW specs.Simply told me they listened to it, there's a dead miss, probably a cam problem.

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Shop Rating: Below Average Report Date: Anonymous writes: I have been using Mitchells for several years now. They have the largest selection of used and new VW parts.Type Of Shop: VW Parts & Service 1 mile from the University of Alabama at Huntsville...... 1200 miles later the car lost power on the interstate and I had to be towed 300 miles back home.Took it back and they never did any diagnostics to find problem.These guys went well out of their way to make me feel "right at home".I will be sure to return here with any future needs. Shop Rating: Excellent Recommended Report Date: Pete, Reviria writes: Good shop, high attention to detail, takes a while to have a car built, but well worth the wait.

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