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Two other executives, children's chief Joe Godwin and BBC learning controller Saul Nasse, will buying a home in or around Salford.

The reluctance of bosses to relocate their families has annoyed those forced to move to the area to keep their jobs.

He has a link to a detailed lesson plan for the task ‘Planning a class night out'.Some sample outcomes follow here and you could add one of these sets of instructions, depending on which outcome you think would best engage the learners in your class.So there are several potential outcomes (and you might well think of others) that could be created out of this activity to make it more task-like. If learners are clear what the outcome should be, and know the number of things to list or describe, they are more likely to engage with the task, speak with more confidence and know when they have completed it.How could you adapt it to make it more task-like and get more Yes answers?For the ‘Grandparents' activity we need to add a goal to give the activity a purpose and make the outcome more specific so that learners know when they have completed the task.

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