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He believed strongly that all men and women, regardless of their color or religion, were created equal and that individuals determine their own destiny – that their own ambition and hard work in life largely determine their fate.These core beliefs of Jack Reagan were passed on to his son, and would later become part of the fundamental structure of Ronald Reagan’s political viewpoint.He was endowed with the “gift of blarney and the charm of a leprechaun”. He was 29 when Ronald Reagan was born and his formal education had been limited to just a few years of grade school.Both of Jack’s parents died before he was six years old of tuberculosis, so he was brought up by an elderly aunt who raised him a proper Irish Catholic.From his father, Ronald Reagan learned the value of hard work, the importance of tolerance, the rewards of ambition, and inherited a great penchant for storytelling.Ronald Reagan’s mother, Nelle Clyde Wilson Reagan, was born July 18, 1882, the youngest of seven children in a family of Scots-English descent.A new day had dawned in America and once again our country was a beacon of hope for people around the world seeking freedom and opportunity.Not only America, but the world, benefitted from the presidency of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

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He took his education, his ambition and his dreams west, not knowing how deeply he would embrace life there, nor how he would impact California and be embraced by it.

Somehow there’s a thing about entering that chamber -- goose bumps and a quiver.” Read More March 4, 1987 Ronald Reagan addresses the nation on the Iran-Contra controversy "What began as a strategic opening to Iran deteriorated, in its implementation, into trading arms for hostages.” Read More In most countries, when a leader leaves power, they fade away into the archives of history, and remove themselves from political affairs.

In America, former Presidents have an opportunity, and some feel, an obligation, to remain engaged in the current conversations and topics of the day. C., his desire to promote and inspire reform in government didn’t end with his move west.

Ronald Reagan never sought political life, but rather, it sought him.

The more he spoke out against the flaws of big government, the more the people around him wanted him to fix those problems.

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