Bank of america not updating in mint

Sounds like HSBC is just tone deaf to what some of its customers want. The problem was the first download file stayed on your computer and the software refused to download again OR wouldn't recognize the second file.

Only a total moron would think customers don't want to track spending from various institutions in one place. My work around until that problem was fixed (I sent a message to HSBC) was to delete each Trans Hist download file before downloading the next.

(Video via Intuit)Banks, on the other hand, have been hacked.

bank of america not updating in mint-86

The only problem is this does NOT work..least for Quicken 2015 Home & Business. However, if I deactivate and reactivate, it will download one time and then I get the same error message.

Now I wonder if HSBC have indeed pull the plug from Quicken completely, and if so, why isn't Quicken upfront and honest about it?

Also, has no problem downloading transactions from HSBC. We understand your frustration with trying to add your account to Quicken, unfortunately we no longer service Quicken but we do have a service called the Money Management Tools.

(Video via Intuit)Those are the same types of offers people might see from banks.

So, you can see how the older financial institutions might feel like their toes are being stepped on.

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