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This is: Graeme started a consultancy business on and he bought a laptop for £1000 VAT.I filed my most recent VAT return using the system for Q4 and it all worked great and reconcile to the penny.All of my previous VAT Returns have been directly with HMRC separately, but I need to show the transactions here as I’m on flat rate VAT and need to reconcile to the year end accounting.LH writes: I recently set up as a tailor but have not yet registered for Vat. I have incurred some large set-up costs and it would be good to recover the Vat on these. The effective date of registration (EDR), for compulsory or voluntary registration, is the date from which VAT must be accounted for on taxable income (output tax), writes Jon Sutcliffe, partner at Kingston Smith LLP Registration for VAT is compulsory if your turnover exceeded £73,000 in the preceding 365 days or if the threshold will be exceeded in the next 30 days alone.Provided that you expect to make taxable supplies, you may register voluntarily at any time.

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