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The stress over this really is pushing him to his limits.Thanks Mark S, that's the sort of info I was asking for.The legal machine and HMRC weren't ever unpleasant with him about it; it was a process and he got through it.He is oops..has been paying an accountant to deal with the entire matter.I am not a tax expert by any means, so hopefully Shaun will be along soon to help out with the answer.

Unfortunately now he will have fines and interest to pay on top as well.And a substantial part of the VAT bill..never collected or charged it in the first place, so that will have to be plucked from thin air too.He had an accountant ( a very bad one ) and was paying tax.He has almost worthless assets, his home/garage is in negative equity.Overheads to run the place, business rates etc are mental ( Garage is at same location as house and he spent 2 years and lots of money getting it all legit for working from, hence business rates )Will HMRC effectively bankrupt him for no gain, ie they will never see any money, or do they ever use common sense in these matters ?

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