Baby boomer dating trends

Most politicians know that about 75 percent of Canadians over 65 are reliable voters.According to the Statistics Canada General Social Survey, they voted in the last federal, provincial and municipal elections.So even though it’s a risk to vote for the NDPs, I hope their similarities with the Liberal policies to improve the livelihood of the mature population will win over the significant boomers’ and seniors’ votes and, at least, stop the PCs from being a majority party.Because of my former profession as a communications consultant, it is only natural for me to remain a news junkie even after my retirement.The number and share of Americans living in multigenerational family households have continued to rise.

Out of the NDP election promises above, the top three will all appeal to seniors.

Most tracking polls show that with nine weeks to go, the Ontario election is Doug Ford’s to lose.

But this is the reason why support for the NDPs has surged in recent weeks.

The NDPs are proposing to fully subsidize public, licensed, not-for-profit child care for those earning less than ,000.

But correctly pointed out that the party has not given details on specific income brackets that may be established or said if there would be any caps.

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