Are the twilight stars still dating

We’re here to tell you that yes, Rob and Kristen can get back together in the future (right now there are rumors that Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult are dating since Nicholas and Jennifer Lawrence split, but there is no real evidence of anything more than a friendly relationship between the two) just as every other couple that’s broken up can get back together in the future. Both parties have to be interested in getting back together, and in this situation, I have a feeling that one party would be overwhelmingly interested while the other couldn’t care less. Rob has given everyone the impression that he has moved on, once and for all.But if he and Kristen are still ‘friends’, then that might not be completely accurate.After all, Rob’s gone back to Kristen once before, so what’s to stop him from doing that again?His every move can’t be monitored by fans and paparazzi, not when he’s finally ingratiated himself into the LA partying lifestyle.Do you think the Twilight stars are talking about Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence these days?The guy’s not stupid, and he knows that the tabloid and media world is still obsessed about Robsten getting back together.Sure, they don’t want to stoke the fan frenzy by appearing together, but that frenzy is already underway.The minute it was announced that Rob and Kristen would be at the festival this year, there was speculation about their possible meet-up/hookup/appearance together.

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Kristen Stewart may be standing by the decision that led her to stray from her former boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, but according to new reports, the “Twilight” stars are far from calling their love quits.

And if we’re taking that to be true, then attempting to avoid the press is the only reason they wouldn’t meet at the festival.

However, they will have to work hard to avoid each other, considering how commonly their circles intersect.

What does this mean for fans of the “Twilight” stars?

Rumors has it that the duo might give their fractured relationship another shot in the future.

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