Are gerard way and frank iero dating

I’ve gotten that question recently of: “I don’t understand why you have to go on tour, other kids daddies don’t have to go on tour.” That’s a gut-wrenching question to hear." "But when I think about it, it definitely has to be about the quality and not the quantity, and if I were just a regular guy working a regular job, how many hours a day would I get to see my kids? When I’m home 24/7 it’s all about them.” “Yeah, I’m working on it now.

I have a lot of songs just playing in my head constantly.

But, thanks to a friend of mine who wanted to hear what I’d been up to, and I played it for a couple more friends, here I am.

He grew up with his mum ( Linda ) who made great Italian food; Frank's favourite food with eggplant.

His mum and dad divorced but his dad was a great inspiration to him so was his Grandfather (who he has a tattoo of on his arm rocking out on a drumset).

It’s a record that I wrote very selfishly, I wrote it just for myself.

I didn’t ever expect to play it to anyone, let alone release it and tour with it.

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