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White Hunter, Black Heart (1990) (directed/starred) .

The Bridge of Madison County (1995) (directed/starred) .

From very early age, she showed an interest in dancing.

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She has been looking for a song about how she was feeling, but she barely has felt anything ever since last year. After freestyling for about 3 hours now, Chachi managed to recall cool moves to add to her choreography.

Followed by, (and this is a good one), her ex, Ian Eastwood! "It's OK, I'm fine." She said, trying to reignite a smile. I love you." Josh got up and kissed Chachi, taking his phone. "You'll do great." Josh said, leaving the room.

" After fangirling, she finally came across two names that she definitely did not want to see. To her disappointment and shock, Chachi saw that Megan Batoon, Ian's girlfriend, was to perform after her on the program.

They then start building feelings for eachother that they forgot they had, but with them both being in a relationship... " Chachi quickly left the Ian bubble to think about her new boyfriend.

Chachi's body flowed fluently to the music as she freestyles in her room.

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