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Sometimes the best words, the strongest words are the simplest.They can make a thought shine with comprehention, illuminating it in such a way that perfection is revieled in a simple article.

Ida, who is studying Sport and PE as one of her A Level subjects, trains six days a week, including swimming twice a week and cycling once a week with Thames Valley Triathletes, and running almost every day.

It is a garment to be desired, to cloth with simple clarity the lean lines of a thought."This so resonated for me! As a creator of furniture, I have slowly come to understand that good design requires skill, time, knowledge, study materials etc.

I gave thought to writing from feelings and the act of writing for ones self. We mold ourselves from others and we are constantly examining others works. I also gave thought to form, etiquette, style, flow and rules etc.

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wrote this at 19, I still like it What the f*ck What curiositieswhat steps we takewhat manner what poisewhat blunders we makewhat consistencieswhat's rightwhat's wrongwhat influenceswhat cloud you onwhat monstrositieswhat steps we don'twhat stopswhat holdsthe things we won't. a talisman of stature and grace,does his deeds in human race,we could not see his celtic face,but did indeed pass this place. Jet set times,historical change,mythological truths,it's all so beautiful,yet all so strange,to those that wonder,convienient stores,minds knowledge,warehouse fills,it's all so beautiful,pay your homage,to those that wonder,hollywood hills,natures mother,man decides,it's all so beautiful,one, then another,to those that flights,days of yor,catch a glimps,its all so beautiful,wanting more,reveiving more,to those that you got a poetry page I like ita master piece in the hands of a craftsmanforms the wood to his devine plannow shapes words within his mindseeking within the mind of timeslowly forming his fine rymewords of past presant futurehe twists and forms each word through heartfelt urgeshe discovers words that quenches his urgessteppping into that dark abyss posting words we cannot missa craftsman by tradenow to take that step to sing a poets bliss Lesson Learned Witness life's test, With first hand experience.

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