Anthropomorphic dating behavior

A map depicting the road trip to Lake Destiny was shown in the movie to have first belonged to a "Walter P.

Goofey", which was passed down to a "Benjamin Goofey" and then to "all Goofeys".

Other members of Goofy's family tree given in the special included Wilbur Goofy (1901), Wyatt Goofy (1880), Lewis Goofy (1807), Pilgrim Goofy (1647), Leonardo da Goofy (1554), Cedric Goofy (1142), Nero Goofy (636 A. In the 1958 comic Goofy's Last Stand, more information about Goofy's father is given as Goofy says "Looky here! Goofy's brother Gaffy (Pappo in the original Italian version) disappeared in the jungle and was reunited with his brother in the Mickey Mouse comic The Quest for Tarzan (first published in 1957).

Nevertheless, his blissfulness usually keeps him from any legitimate harm, as he tends to walk away from life-threatening danger with a smile and his signature guffaw (Two Weeks Vacation, No Sail).

His marital status was changed into having Goofy instead portrayed as a single father, while his son was reinvented from Goofy Junior into Max Goof.

It was this TV show and its related media that really explored Goofy's family even further. Goofin' Hood (Goofy's ninth great-granddad), Eliot Goof (Goofy's uncle), Sherlock Goof (Goofy's great-great uncle), Mopalong Goofy (Goofy's great-great-grandpa) and Caveman Goof (Goofy's ancestor).

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