Android dating games

Mostly, though, this is a charming and very silly game that’s loads of fun.

is a ‘roguelike’ role-playing adventure masquerading as a card game.

With each card you’re dealt, you choose, Tinder-style, to swipe left or right.

Each direction has its own outcome, which may involve smacking your foe in the face, or replenishing energy.

And with every game being unique, Meteorfall is an Android title that should keep you playing for months.

is a turn-based puzzler that finds you on a quest to convince the titular warlock – about to destroy the world – that actually everyone quite likes him and would really appreciate it if he calmed down a bit.

we guarantee you'll have found something to play before you know it.

is a physics-based stacking game featuring a cute UFO that has crash-landed on Earth and now has to eke out a living.

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Some titles are expensive and nothing more than just poor ports of a console game.That’s right – in this era, aliens aren’t sent to Area 51, and instead scour job ads to earn some cash.Fortunately, this little UFO is made of stern stuff and has a massive claw to pick things up.That’s not to say there’s no case for care and accuracy though.Sonic Runners Adventure features carefully designed multi-level landscapes, each with its own rhythm.

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