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I have tried to distill down what I have learned from experience and from other photographers, both amateur and professional, but the following guide is long because the subject is complex.

Sections on various techniques are included because these techniques can have an impact on the studio equipment you buy.

All the equipment, lighting, posing, and techniques that work for portraiture work equally well for glamor.

The basic equipment required is a camera, a lens, space for a studio, and lighting.

I have been through buying studio lighting and using a temporary home portrait/glamor studio twice over the years.

It has been a real learning experience and I wanted to share what I have learned about buying equipment for a small home portrait/glamor studio in the hope of helping others.

I will add that keeping a few basic makeup items in your studio can be a good idea, just be careful to sterilize all application brushes and pads between models by soaking in rubbing alcohol and air drying.The type of photography you are doing, the model's age, and their body type will effect the wardrobe.It is your responsibility to match the model to the type of photography and to secure any wardrobe required.Always discuss your photographic vision with the model, especially if they are expected to supply their own wardrobe, then beg, borrow, or buy what you need in the way of wardrobe.This can range from having the model au natural up to professionally designed and done hair styling and makeup.

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