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The school’s gossip girl, Ali (Janelle Ortiz), is especially skeptical and spends most of the film nosing her way into his business.

The film is loaded with manufactured comedy relief, which is probably why I found myself giggling in all the wrong places.

I leave it to you to discover how this is revealed, but considering the kind of movie this is, chances are you already have a pretty good idea. There’s Jordan (Kylie Bunbury), who everyone believes is destined to become Prom Queen.

Her date is Tyler (De’Vaughn Nixon), star athlete of the school’s lacrosse team; he is in fact a womanizing jerk who’s secretly dating Simone (Danielle Campbell), a friendly but naive young woman.

For me, the only genuinely funny scene is where Nova drags Jesse to a local clothing boutique; as she tries on different dresses, he sits uncomfortably while one of the clerks serves him tea.

Corey tries to help as best he can, although he would rather keep Lucas to himself. Since they’re sophomores, neither will be attending prom; given the title, this begs the question of why they were included in the first place.

I suspect I wouldn’t at all be surprised by the results.

Starring Aimee Teegarden, Thomas Mc Donell and De Vaughn Nixon. ” from the lucky gal who launches into her fellow’s arms. Disney’s Prom, arriving by white stretch limo in theatres Friday, takes several dates to this dance, primarily John Hughes (Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club), Cameron Crowe (Say Anything) and its own studio (High School Musical) for the stories of a graduating class of sheltered seniors preparing for the last dance of their privileged California lives.

Jesse and Nova hit it off like oil and water – and that should tell you everything you need to know about where this is going.

Would it surprise you to learn that, deep down, he’s really a good kid?

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