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The study suggested that wealthy people tended to have more affairs, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported, with more than half of the married people earning W7 million (GBP3,848) per month indulging in illicit relationships.

The increase in extra-marital relationships comes six months after the Constitutional Court ruled that a law introduced in 1953 that made adultery punishable by a prison term was outdated and unconstitutional.

When I first became interested in the topic of infidelity, I used to ask audiences if anyone had ever experienced an affair. There are not many people who will publicly admit to being unfaithful or being deceived.

At one time divorce was freighted with shame; today it’s infidelity that carries the new stigma.

It added that neither husbands nor wives expressed much forgiveness for a wandering spouse with 23.1 percent of women saying they could forgive a husband who had cheated on them, but just 11.9 percent of men indicating they could forgive and forget.

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And a young fiancé wonders if he’s done the right thing by disinviting one of his groomsmen—a known player—at his bride’s request.No aspect of a couple’s life elicits more fear, gossip or fascination than an affair.Adultery has been legislated, debated, politicized and demonized throughout history. For most of history, men cheated because they had the sanctioned power to do so with little consequence. I doubt King David considered the state of his marriage for even one moment before he seduced Bathsheba.Another young man was himself the “love child” of his own parents’ affair, and tells of growing up with a set of half-siblings who related to him on a spectrum from envy to resentment.An older gay man is in heavy discussions with his lesbian best friend who suspects her partner may be having an affair with an ex-girlfriend.

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