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I am a 61 year old that had one of these guns at the age of 20 and loved it.

I did not know much about the working of the gun at that earlier age, but now I am back and want to do some simple mods that I can do my self.

Pre-Travel Adjustable Hammer and Sear If you watch, that will go on sale, I suspect. I got the Volquartsen trigger from them on the same order. I'm very happy how it ended up, it's a hunting rig and I really didn't want a "hair" trigger, just a short, clean break, and I got that. ) I say this because I see that I see you are from NW USA. A-1) I really enjoy working on, taking apart and servicing my 10-22. The new 10-22's bolt looks very crude and poorly machined.

I just picked up my 10-22 yesterday from Revelation Arms. He took it from 7 1/2 lbs pull to 2 1/2 lb pull, Tightened up the slop and shortened the pull. I am not generally one to take my stuff to someone else, but I couldn't pass up the price. The least expensive and best quality improvement you can do is the Hammer and Sear Kit from Power Custom. optional), new springs(you can use or not, your choice), and very importantly you get the proper size hammer and trigger shims so you can eliminate any wobble or side play in the hammer and trigger. The notches and "V" groves that feed and project the bullets and casings look very nicked and rough, It looks this brand new? Thank you, Ron Yes I have had some contact with Gundoc and he is a great guy.

I am a machinist and love do it your self projects.

Once new people place thier finger back on the receicer after each shot, and understand the rule,i can relax just a bit.

You stated hammer and trigger,i'm assuming your after a better trigger pull.

I bought mine at * Ruger 10/22 Bolt Release and Hammer Pack :part #145-851 .99* No trigger included but....

The faster the hammer falls after trigger release that should help to improve accuracy.

The hammer spring itself doesn't effect the other springs or the pull weight of the trigger.

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