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If he had been tried as a juvenile and convicted, his sentence would have been much lighter, and he would have been released by age 21, according to South Carolina law. James Ballenger, who also evaluated Charleston white supremacist mass-killer Dylan Roof, recommended Jesse be tried as an adult.'In my opinion he should be waived up to General Sessions (adult court) for the protection of the public,' Ballenger testified on Thursday, adding that it would be best for Jesse to be treated while being kept 'under lock and key'.

He said that while Jesse can seem socially adept at times, he has 'disturbing characteristics below the surface', as reported by KHOU11.

He admitted once bringing a hatchet and machete to the middle school which expelled him, and said he had brought the weapons to fight off bullies. Judge Edgar Long however sided with prosecutors and ruled that there was proof Jesse was aware of what he was doing at the time.

During his interview, he told police he did not want to be given the death penalty and made reference to Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old who slaughtered black parishioners at a church in Charleston. Police officers testified at the hearing that the teenager had 'no home life'.

His grandfather told one sheriff's deputy that his parents were always 'drunk' and that Jesse was bullied by other youngsters.

Witnesses previously described how he shouted 'I hate my life, I hate my life!

Months before the shooting, he said he researched Columbine, the 1999 massacre in which 15 were killed by two teenage gunmen. At the time, Jacob was in hospital clinging to life. Later in the interview, Jesse said he did not have a problem with any of the staff or students there and said instead that he was lashing out at the school system in general.

Jeffrey then left the house to go to the tax office, the teenager said. The teenager told police he was comfortable with the weapon because his parents had allowed him to use it before. I went in there and shot him three times,' he said. He said he 'probably would have' killed himself had the gun not jammed.

'I have shot every gun in the house, with my parents,' he said. The teen then 'immediately ran downstairs' to say goodbye to his pets. 'Before today I gave up hope in God because of all the thoughts. And probably the reason why the gun jammed is because of God,' he said.

A teenage boy accused of murdering his father then opening fire in an elementary school playground where he killed a six-year-old will be tried as an adult.

The decision to move Jesse Osborne, 15, out of Family Court and up to General Sessions was made by Judge Edgar Long on Friday.

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